Call For Demo papers


Following up the initiative run in DCRN 2021, the 19th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN) proposes the presentation of demonstration of prototypes on the topics described in the CFP for regular articles. Proposals on network survivability, disaster resilience, and network management and monitoring are welcome, but also other related topics. The prototypes shown in DRCN 2023 can be of both types, innovative and cutting-edge network management tools and/or applications. In this context, the opportunity is offered to interact with a trained technical public and discuss emerging technologies with key opinion leaders. In general, the demonstrations are open to show work systems, innovative applications, innovative ideas, and novel concepts related to network reliability.

We are seeking the following types of contributions:

  • Demonstrations on topics related to DRCN 2023.
  • Demonstrations from industrial and academia researchers.
  • Demonstrations from open source communities.
  • Demonstrations from authors whose contributions have been accepted in the main conference and workshops.


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